Tranquil Travel? Yes, PLEASE! It’s Gordon Huether’s ‘River Tunnel’ at Salt Lake City Airport

Written on August 21, 2023

Greetings, fellow travelers! Like many airline passengers these days, you’ve probably found yourself sprinting and sweating your way through an airport terminal on a seemingly endless journey from the curb to the gate. Or perhaps now that many larger airport terminals are adding more and more shops, boutiques and restaurants, your layover feels like a mall shopping spree or an obstacle course en route to your connecting flight.

But for those fortunate enough to pass through Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) in 2024, a delightful surprise will await you: artist Gordon Huether’s “River Tunnel” art installation. Spanning an impressive 1,000 feet, this stunning, enveloping sculpture elevates your airport experience from the customary hustle and bustle to a realm where art, technology, and tranquility harmonize.

This captivating large-scale art piece takes form as a membrane sculpture stretching across the ceiling. Each individual “fin” is swathed in flowing fabric that comes alive with LED lighting, casting a spectrum of blue shades. This dance of light mimics the gentle ebb and flow of a river, paying homage to the serene waterways winding through Utah’s breathtaking canyons. As you walk (or glide along the ‘people movers’) through the tunnel, an artfully curated playlist featuring classical, pop, and blues melodies surrounds travelers in an auditory journey that beautifully complements the visual spectacle.

The objective is to infuse a sense of serenity into the bustling ambiance of a busy airport terminal. Within Salt Lake City Airport, Gordon Huether’s immersive “River Tunnel” promises to soothe, inspire, and rejuvenate you during your next leisurely stroll through this thoughtfully reimagined terminal space.

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Article Source: “Why you have to walk so far to your gate at the airport”