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River Tunnel

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Aluminum Tubing, Fabric, LED Lighting | 18’W x 907’L; 30,838 SQ Feet | Installation 2023


Gordon’s installation, River Tunnel, is his most recent contribution to the Airport Redevelopment Program. Inspired by the beauty of Utah, as his other installations are, this installation reflects the rivers that flow through Utah’s canyons and is featured in the 1,000-foot long Central Tunnel that connects travelers from the main terminal to the north concourse.

Stakeholders from the Salt Lake City Department of Airports sought an art installation in the Central Tunnel that would visually link the art features in the main terminal and the north concourse, creating a cohesive, congruous experience for their patrons. Gordon’s River Tunnel installation draws from the theme of his earlier installations, The Canyon and Canyon 2.0, providing a holistic experience for airport travelers.

Hung along the ceiling of the tunnel, River Tunnel will be fabricated in the same fashion as The Canyon: a membrane sculpture made up of individual “fins” that have an aluminum frame, wrapped with Tweave Duratech® 570C fabric material and enclosed with a zipper along the back spine. LED lighting will be projected onto the fins in various blue tones, and sound will be incorporated, in order to complete the river effect of this installation. Gordon Huether Studio is responsible for all lighting and sound features in the Central Tunnel.

Anticipated installation date for River Tunnel is in 2024.