You Are Here! SLC Update

Written on October 23, 2017

We are making headway with the redesign, de-assembling and reconstruction of new elements for Jenkyn Powell’s original 1970s stained glass art installation You Are Here, previously installed at the original SLC International Airport and now heading for a new home at the newly expanded SLC airport. Glass artist Jenkyn Powell visited the Studio in September 2017 to discuss proposed additions to the original piece, restoration and fabrication details, and a reinstallation plan into the new airport space. The relocation of ‘You Are Here’ is an integral part of Huether’s curatorial master plan for the Salt Lake City Department of Airport’s fine art collection.

It was important to the Salt Lake City Airport team to preserve and transfer this glass art installation to the new terminal, as it has become a very iconic piece of the airport art collection. The piece is an abstract interpretation of a cellular map of molecular biological processes.

When creating his original design for You Are Here artist Powell was inspired by – among others – the work of world-renown contemporary stained glass artist, Professor Johannes Schreiter. Fortuitously, Gordon studied with Professor Schreiter in the 1980s, and the Professor played an integral role in the evolution and refinement of Gordon’s sense of composition, understanding of glass working techniques and the maturation of his designs as he began to work on a larger scale.

The studio’s design team has finalized the renderings of the refreshed You Are Here and all elements of the original work are now at the Studio where each panel has been properly cleaned and catalogued for the planned reinstallation. Gordon and the Studio team are honored to collaborate with Mr. Powell the preservation of his important glass art installation.