Vibrant Sculpture for Ole Health, Napa Valley

Written on April 19, 2017

The artwork design for a vibrant, yellow sculpture has recently been approved by Ole Health in Napa, CA. While developing his concept, Gordon reflected on the facility’s mission and primary purpose as well as the overall architectural context. The developers for the planned healthcare center recently broke ground and the piece is anticipated to be installed in 2018.

Huether’s sculpture design is a brightly colored, open-ended circle, an evocative form that expresses a powerful presence through its graceful simplicity. The incomplete circle is a metaphor that creates a form of movement and suggests constant growth and healing, wholeness and development in the pursuit of Ole Health’s mission.

Ole Health Sculpture

The open circle also expresses the idea of community, of life, strength, vitality and the idea that all things are connected. This sculpture creates a direct connection to human creativity and people’s natural proclivity to create.

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