Touchdown! Public Art Commission for the New Football Complex at Clemson University

Written on December 8, 2017

On December 6, 2017, Atelier InSite, a Creative Inquiry project comprised of student representatives from all five colleges at Clemson University, selected Gordon Huether to create a large-scale, site-specific sculptural public art installation for Clemson’s state-of-the-art Allen Reeves Football Complex, home of the national champions Clemson Tigers.

The selection committee recognized Gordon’s significant experience working in academic settings and creating unique, innovative, meaningful and relevant artwork. After visiting Clemson in July 2017 and meeting with project stakeholders, Gordon decided to create an elegant and aspirational installation, a concept inspired by the game of football but accomplished with a commanding abstracted form that has universal appeal.


Night & Day

The 25-foot sculpture is entitled All In and is intended to serve as a gateway to the sports precinct and symbol of excellence for the entire Clemson community. All In will be fabricated with aluminum and dichroic glass, gleaming, reflective and polished materials. The aerodynamic angle of the sculpture creates a sense of transformation and progress; the multi-colored pieces of dichroic glass represent the diversity and complexity of an interdependent community. Illuminated at night, the installation will activate the site and attract and engage viewers with its dazzling surfaces.

For the avid Clemson football fan, the sculpture will readily bring the sport to mind. For the uninitiated, the sculpture will be a radiant object and an iconic landmark on the Clemson campus. All In is intended to reflect the precepts of Clemson’s football program: striving for excellence, individual personal growth and community service.

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