Sunnyvale Parking Garage Screen

Written on October 17, 2018

Parking Garage Screen for New Office Retail Development in Sunnyvale, CA

Lane-Partners, based in Menlo Park, CA has commissioned Gordon to create a massive, powder-coated waterjet-cut metal parking garage and building screen for a brand new, large office/retail development located at 520 Almanor, in Sunnyvale CA.

The large art screen will be over 8400 sf and will clad the exterior garage fa├žade and part of the exterior of the building. Gordon met with the stakeholders from Lane-Partners on Thursday 10/11 for a kick-off meeting and to begin the design process.

The new 230,000 sf class A 4-story development is currently under construction and aims for a LEED Gold certificate. Anticipated installation is early 2019 for project completion and opening by December 2019.