Sneak Peek: Solo Exhibition in Silicon Valley

Written on April 15, 2017

We’re excited to share a sneak peek of an upcoming solo exhibition at Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park, California. Gallery owner Katharina Powers approached Gordon late last year in an effort to create a show that not only showcases Huether’s fine art work but also touches on his large-scale, site-specific, permanent art installations.

A consistent theme throughout Huether’s body of work is his exploration of different media and investigating the seductive properties of richly saturated color, natural and artificial light sources, luscious and diverse texture, natural, found and salvaged materials and quirky, sometimes unusual imagery, to offer viewers a complex intellectual experience.

The collection of work, on display at Art Ventures Gallery from July 8th until Mid-September, 2017, is a reflection of this diversity, a retrospect of Huether’s work that showcases the artist’s fascination with light, color, repurposed materials and the perfect composition. To emphasize the breadth of Gordon’s body of work, this exhibition is shown in two parts: The Gift of Imperfection Part I & Part II.

Stream-of-consciousness writings on etched glass encapsulated in acrylic boxes, painting with light on white, dimensional, ‘frosting’-covered canvases, light boxes featuring mouth blown German Antique Glass and intricately organic, plasma cut patterns, or rich, colorful patinas on complexly textured metal surfaces: Much of Huether’s work is inspired by the effect nature has on man-made materials.

Many of his pieces are intended to remind us of the temporal character of man’s achievements and the awe-inspiring forces of nature. This precept directly connects to the contrast of the analog versus the digital world. Huether’s work touches both realms: the many facets of beauty found in nature and the complex, diverse existence of humanity’s technological advancements.

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