SLC Update – We’re making headway!

Written on June 7, 2017

Together with FabriTec Structures, LLC and Rainier Industries we have been making substantial progress fabricating the fins for the largest of our installations at SLC airport ‘The Canyon.’ We are currently counting 150 completed of a total of 508 fins and four huge containers of the aluminum frames for these fins have already been delivered to the airport awaiting their installation in 2020!

We have been working diligently with our contractors and the team at Salt Lake City International Airport to develop an integrated lighting plan for the large, structural plate-clad columns as well as the sculptural bench structures. The current design intends for both installations to be illuminated, which will result in a beautiful, inviting glow.

In addition we are currently refining a detailed lighting animation plan for ‘The Canyon,’ which will be the finishing touch for the largest of Gordon’s installations at SLC Airport.

Side View

Back View

Model Up

Last but not least, we are happy to report that all glass components, including dichroic glass, Boro-artistic glass rods as well as hand-pulled glass rods for the 65-foot tall escalator well glass installation have been delivered. This installation will be a stunning focal point at the South end of the new Terminal.

The SLC Airport construction has also reached a milestone: With the first steel beam going up on May 17th, construction has now officially gone vertical. A total of 21,600 tons of steel are being used to build the parking garage, terminal and South Concourse-West. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the current process:

Watch Video!

Model Flat