SGAA: The Changing Landscape of Art Glass

Written on June 12, 2018

Gordon was invited to speak at this year’s Stained Glass Association of America’s (SGAA) Annual Summer Conference, currently taking place in Long Beach, CA. The artist gave an overview of his 30+ year career working in public art with a strong focus on art glass in architecture, the diversity of applications, techniques and up and coming trends. Gordon was one of ten industry experts invited to speak at the 109th edition of this annual gathering. Speakers this year also included James Galbraith, Lesley A. Elwood, Matthew Day Perez, Ariana Makau, Lindsy R. Parrott, Judith Schaechter, Kenneth Leap, David Ruth, and Ted Sawyer.

By describing his process in creating large-scale, site-specific art integrated into architectural structures, Gordon demonstrated how his work has a meaningful and enduring impact on viewers and environments. Gordon touched on a selection of upcoming projects and in particular on the current collaboration with the Salt Lake City Department of Airports on its $1.8 billion Terminal Redevelopment Program, scheduled for completion in 2020. Gordon’s presentation took place on Tuesday June 19th. The organizers of the 3-day conference welcomed a vast group of seasoned glass artists and industry professionals.

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