Major Integrated Art Glass Installation for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport

Written on June 6, 2017

A new, massive architectural art glass installation at the recently modernized Terminal 1 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport (FLL) entitled ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ is nearing completion.

In conjunction with the art glass installation The Broward County Aviation Department and Broward Public Art & Design, the airport will be opening their brand new Concourse A located within their recently modernized Terminal 1 at the end of this month.

GHS received the commission to create ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ as part of the FLL Airport Improvement and Renovation Program, commissioned by the Broward Cultural Council Public Art & Design Program. Gordon’s conceptual process started with an exploration of the Fort Lauderdale region, the terminal space itself as well as a thorough understanding of the project goals and the interests of site stakeholders.

The massive integrated art glass installation wraps around the majority of Terminal 1’s meet and greet area and is visible from both the interior and exterior of the building. The artwork spans over 100 feet and is over 19 feet tall.

The design was inspired by the light and colors of the Florida sun and its interaction with the Atlantic Ocean. The artist sought to express the phenomenon of sunlight interacting on the water by using individual squares of multi- colored dichroic glass, which are enlarged and pixelated within the composition of the artwork.

Blue color enamel was airbrushed onto plate glass by hand, emulating the ocean at dawn. The enameled glass was then kiln fired and laminated onto tempered body glass. More than seven hundred (700) 8” x 8” squares of dichroic glass tiles, referencing the “pixelated” sunrise, were then adhered to these panels. Lastly, the art glass elements were crated and shipped directly to the airport for final installation. The entire composition of Sunrise to Sunset visually floats on the field of over seventy-eight (78) individual, clear insulated glass units, architecturally integrated into Terminal 1’s glass curtain walls.

A distinct property of dichroic glass is the addition of ultra-thin layers of vaporized precious metals, precious metal oxides and silica to the glass. Light transmitted through the dichroic surface will appear one color, and light reflected from it will appear as a complementary color. As the angle of view changes, the color that is transmitted and reflected also changes.

‘Sunrise to Sunset’ is bold, colorful and welcoming. The installation directly references regional elements, while enhancing the aesthetic experience for travelers on both the interior and exterior of the terminal, during both day and at night.

Darkened Room

Wide View

International Airport Header

The architectural art glass installation is one of many new art installations integrated into the $295 million modernization of Terminal 1 and the new Concourse A.

‘Sunrise to Sunset’ is just one example of the increasing demand for large-scale, integrated art installations in airports throughout the world. Public and fine art collections at airports are now considered an integral part of a contemporary and modern airport.

FLL, in collaboration with Southwest Airlines, managed the construction of the new Concourse and the art glass installation. Terminal 1 remained open during the entire construction process.


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