Installation at the Salt Lake City Int’l Airport has begun!

Written on May 20, 2020

The New SLC will open in September and we couldn’t be more excited to kick-off the installation phase of this project!

These massive, integrated art features have been in the works since 2014, and once completed, will help to define the airport’s new identity and create an unforgettable experience for its traveling patrons.


All templates for The Canyon, Gordon’s largest installation at the airport, are up on the North side of the new main terminal. These templates help guide where the roughly 2,000 brackets will be placed, which will eventually hold each of the installation’s “fins” onto the wall.

Over 520 “fins” make up this 362-foot-long artwork. The entire work uses more than 2 acres of composite “Tweave” fabric, and the equivalent of seven miles of aluminum tubing. Currently there are eleven 40ft containers on-site at the airport that house the aluminum tube frames from which the fins are fabricated. Next steps for this installation is to unload these containers and enclose the aluminum frames in the “Tweave” fabric so that the fins can be lifted up onto the walls.


Beginning in early June, colorful dichroic glass panels and light refracting glass rods will be fastened to cables that cascade down the six stories of the escalator well in the new main terminal. 

The intended effect of this installation is to capture the natural light streaming from the glass facade of the building to create an array of ever-changing colors and patterns on adjacent surfaces.