Gordon Reveals His Design For The New City of Napa “Welcome” Signs

Written on June 12, 2019

On Monday, June 10th, Gordon Huether Studio hosted the reveal party for the new city of Napa “welcome” signs designed by Gordon.

Leadership Napa Valley, a leadership development program for community-minded individuals, approached Gordon for his help with concepting new signs that would eventually replace the two aging billboards currently on display at Napa’s city limits.

Participants of the Leadership Napa Valley program view the current signs as outdated and looked to Gordon to help create more iconic signage befitting the legendary Napa Valley and city of Napa. Gordon agreed to donate his time to help create a gateway that “visually conveys Napa and that is inspired in part by Napa’s agrarian identity”, Gordon stated.

The new signs are elegant in their simplicity. The shape of the signs are based off of a traditional barn structure and will be made out of Corten steel, a rust-colored metal. They will include the image of a grape cluster, as well as the emblems of local service clubs, as the current signs do. Solar-powered lights will light the signs at night.

Leadership Napa Valley is working in tandem with the Kiwanis Club of Napa, which oversees the upkeep of the displays, to raise funds to renovate the signs. They are optimistic about completing the project.

Press Article from June 10, 2019