Gordon Participates in ‘History Becomes Art’ Auction on March 9th

Written on February 22, 2019

Artwork from 18 artists, inspired by photographs from St. Helena’s past, will be auctioned during the St. Helena Historical Society’s third annual “History Becomes Art” event on Saturday, March 9.

Gordon, who chose a photo titled “Old Man McPike”, is printing his image on glass and pinning it to recycled wood. Similar to his Celadon Series, Gordon aims to blur the lines between painting and sculpture with this historically inspired piece.

“I was drawn to the character of ‘Old Man McPike’ and am reminded how our memory functions to preserve people, places and images of the Napa Valley that are in danger of being forever lost to the march of time and progress,” Gordon stated.

“I grew up in St. Helena on Allison Avenue, and I am happy to support the historical society’s efforts to preserve the history of my home town.”

Tickets are $100 and available at https://historybecomesart.shstory.org/