Gordon Huether Shortlisted in Adams County Fleet and Public Works Project

Written on May 25, 2021

Next month Gordon will present his finalized concept for the Adams County Fleet and Public Works project in Commerce City, Colorado. The project is a multi-phased construction of a new state-of-the-art facility for the Adams County Fleet and Public Works Departments, which support a wide variety of skilled maintenance functions including paving, patching, pothole repair, street sweeping, snow and ice removal, traffic signage maintenance, and other general maintenance functions necessary to keep the County’s road network in good condition. The project will feature an exterior public art installation along the 650 ft-long fence on Dahlia Street at the new facility.

Reflecting the Fleet and Public Works purpose, Gordon’s design begins with an urban street grid displaying the streets that the departments maintain and care for. The sprawling pattern not only represents the street grid, but abstractly offers viewers a reference to the agricultural background of the area, suggestive of the way plant roots might grow and expand, or perhaps the rows of produce on a farm that one passes when traveling through the area. The pattern will be made of 1/8”, waterjet cut, powder coated metal panels, each of which will be mechanically fastened to the fence. The brightly colored metal supports the goal of creating an installation that reflects an industrial-warm concept.