Gordon Huether’s Salt Lake City Airport Projects Continue with Concourse B Expansion

Written on June 22, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY | JUNE 22, 2023 —

Two more of Gordon Huether’s art installations will adorn a plaza adjoining the new concessions area of Concourse B of the Salt Lake City International Airport.  One of the installations, called “Canyon 2.0,” is an expansion of the existing “Canyon” artwork displayed on the main terminal walls. The second installation, titled “Northern Light,” is a mesmerizing glass sculpture suspended above the concourse. “Northern Light” utilizes dichroic glass, reflecting the ever-changing colors of the surrounding environment throughout the day. These art pieces add a touch of creativity and visual delight to the plaza, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Huether’s artistic contributions extend beyond the plaza. In the upcoming Phase 3, the Central Tunnel connecting Concourses A and B will be unveiled in October 2024. Within this tunnel, visitors will encounter another Huether installation titled “The River Tunnel.” As Huether’s work here merges art with the surrounding natural landscape, this installation provides a captivating and immersive experience for travelers passing through.

Once the Concourse B east expansion is completed, this area will feature moving walkways and gates on both sides, offering convenience and ease of access for travelers. Gordon Huether’s involvement in the project ensures that even functional spaces are transformed into creative expressions, making the journey through the expanded concourse a memorable and visually stimulating experience.

Overall, Gordon Huether’s art installations infuse the airport environment with beauty, innovation, and a sense of wonder. From the transformative qualities of the dichroic glass in “Northern Light” to the immersive experience in “The River Tunnel,” Huether’s creations enrich the overall ambiance of the plaza and contribute to an enhanced travel experience for all who pass through the airport.

See Gordon Huether’s stunning art installations at Salt Lake City Airport.