Gordon Huether’s “The Rooster”: Where Culinary and Creativity Take Flight

Written on October 27, 2023

Egg-citing news fresh from Gordon Huether Studio! Fabrication is taking flight at the studio for Gordon’s sculpture, “The Rooster,” a large scale artwork scheduled to land at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY in late 2024.

As in all of Gordon’s masterpieces, this is not just another fancy chicken sculpture! It’s a larger-than-life rooster with wings spread, making an epic landing on top of a golden egg.

But why a rooster and a golden egg, you might ask? In this case, the rooster represents the dawn of a new day and the start of something delicious. As for the golden egg, well, isn’t creating an eggs-quisite omelette the very first challenge of new culinary students? What better inspiration for hatching recipes or for taking culinary creativity to new heights!

Anyway, Gordon and crew are pretty egg-static about this project and are looking forward to crowing about it as the project nears its maiden flight!

Stay tuned, we hope we haven’t cracked you up too much with this eggs-ceptionally silly post!