Gordon Huether Chosen as Finalist for San Pedro Creek Culture Park Project

Written on August 15, 2023

The San Antonio River Foundation, alongside the San Antonio River Authority, the City of San Antonio, and Bexar County, has recently named Gordon Huether a finalist for the St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) Culture Crossing Design Enhancements at San Pedro Creek Culture Park.

Gordon Huether and The Studio are excited about the chance to present a design for this historically important project. The Culture Park is a world-class linear park, brimming with public art. The projects blend architectural design, historic preservation, and public art with engineering, ecosystem restoration, and native landscaping.

During early 2020, the construction of the Culture Park revealed several significant building foundations from the mid-1800s. Among them stands the St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, a rare relic of African American history in downtown San Antonio and the proposed site for this art project.

Gordon’s project design will spotlight the contributions of the previously enslaved African American community to San Antonio’s development along San Pedro Creek, adding to the storytelling element of the Culture Park’s design.

Visit the San Pedro Creek Culture Park here.