Gordon Designs ‘Innovators Science Walk’ Art Installation

Written on December 11, 2019

Located at 1350 Adams Court in Menlo Park, next to Facebook’s proposed Willow Village, the commercial real estate developer, Tarlton Properties, has proposed a 260,000 square-foot life sciences building that would include a major art installation by Gordon.

Tasked with creating artwork for the property that would spark conversations, inspire the surrounding community, and communicate the nexus of biology and technology, in alignment with the function of the building, Gordon’s proposed art installation consists of an Innovators Science Walk with 13 sculptures of science figures such as Nikola Tesla, Alan Turing, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, and Annie Easley incorporated into a publicly accessible pedestrian path. The project is still in the preliminary phases of the planning commission review process but we’re excited to see this project progress!

Press Article from January 14, 2019