Gordon & Darcy’s Residence Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Written on July 8, 2021

Gordon and Darcy’s “River House” residence exemplifies Gordon’s approach to art in architecture. His careful consideration of his artwork in context to the space and its users has been his trademark and has led to many major public art awards around the globe. In “River Haus” his approach is personal, communicating his artistic style and exploration of the ways to express the beauty he sees. Using the seductive properties of richly saturated color, natural light, diverse textures, found materials, and quirky, sometimes unsettling imagery, “River House” offers visitors a unique experience.

It is the unique nature of this house that caught the attention of Nancy Keates, design, architecture, and residential real estate writer for The Wall Street Journal. After visiting the River Haus and speaking with Gordon and Darcy, Keates published “On the Napa River, a Glass-and-Aluminum Home Pays Homage to Its Artist Owner”.

Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/minimalist-napa-river-home-filled-with-art-11625079844?st=7agdy65hl7plpx7&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink