Gordon’s Iconic Gateway Sculpture at Napa’s New Archer Hotel

Written on December 8, 2017

The highly anticipated Archer Hotel Napa, which serves as the anchor for the First Street Napa development, officially opened its doors on November 27, 2017. Gordon was commissioned to create The Basket, which is an exterior artwork and serves as a focal point and wayfinding element to the entrance of the hotel. The 22-foot sculpture, which incorporates horizontal woven aluminum bands and inset dichroic glass panels, is sure to become an iconic gateway for First Street Napa.

The hotel incorporates materials, colors and textures reflective of Napa, in juxtaposition with modern lines, simple forms and contemporary materials. Gordon took inspirational cues from the hotel’s design when conceptualizing the sculpture. The concept for The Basket was inspired by the indigenous peoples of Napa Valley who were known for the artistry of their basket-making.

The intent was to honor and remember these artisans with the sculpture’s basket design, while integrating broader, fundamental human themes, the values of the Napa community and the interwoven experiences of an interdependent community. Illuminated at night, The Basket was deliberately left “unfinished” — the horizontal bands do not reach the top of the vertical splints. With this detail Gordon wanted to point out that a community is never complete or “finished” and that Napa is a constantly evolving community, never stagnant and always dynamic, acknowledging and honoring the valley’s past, present and future.

To reflect the region’s artistic talent and diversity, Archer Hotel Napa has created a House Art Collection. Gordon is one of the featured artists in Archer’s collection and has previously collaborated with the Archer team on a suspended art installation for its New York City property. Gordon’s knowledge of the local Napa culture and broad experience in creating site-specific art installations with a distinct contemporary aesthetic resulted in his being selected for this unique sculptural project.

The hotel’s architect and designer is LK Architecture Inc.