Dublin Public Artwork In Fabrication

Written on August 23, 2019

Currently in fabrication is Gordon’s Ribbon installation, which will be located at the new Dublin Public Safety Complex in Dublin, CA when completed.

As the Public Safety complex is home to both the Dublin Police Services and the Alameda County Fire Department’s Administrative Offices, Ribbon was designed with both Police and Fire equally in mind and embodies the symbol of the remembrance ribbon, demonstrating the strength and dedication that our first responders bring to the community daily without hesitation.

The graceful curvature of this 17-foot tall aluminum sculpture is inset with lively blue and red dichroic glass as a metaphor for Police and Fire, with the words “Commitment, Honor, Integrity and Trust” completing the sculpture by reminding the public of the mission and values for both the Fire and Police Department.

Installation of Ribbon is expected in early 2020.