Additional Gordon Huether Artwork To Be Installed at SLC Int’l Airport

Written on July 3, 2019

In addition to the several structurally-integrated art installations Gordon has created to date for the Salt Lake City Int’l Airport, a new installation designed by Gordon will adorn the Central Tunnel that connects travelers from the main terminal to the north concourse. The Central Tunnel, which spans over 1,000 feet, will feature Gordon’s “River Tunnel” installation and visually connect the art experiences from the main terminal to those in the north concourse.



After presenting several ideas to the SLCDA team, “River Tunnel” was decided upon and further refined. As in Gordon’s “Canyon” and “The Falls” installations, “River Tunnel” was inspired by the natural beauty of Utah and will be fabricated in the same fashion as “Canyon”: a membrane sculpture consisting of individual “fins” that have an aluminum frame, wrapped with Tweave Duratech® 570C fabric material and enclosed with a zipper along the back spine. LED lighting will be incorporated into the installation to further enhance the “river” effect within the tunnel.

Anticipated installation date of “River Tunnel” is 2024.