All In

Allen N. Reeves Football Complex | Clemson University | Clemson, SC | Aluminum, Dichroic Glass | 25’H x 14’-10”W | 2019


Clemson University’s Public Art Program, Atelier InSite, sought an art installation to act as a gateway to their new state-of-the-art Allen N. Reeves football complex. The new football facilities, home to the 2018 NCAA National Championship football team, bring all Clemson’s football activities into close proximity and allows for more efficient daily operations.

Selected from four proposed concepts for the site, Gordon’s “All In” sculpture is a commanding installation that represents the precepts of Clemson’s football program: striving for excellence, individual personal growth and community service; as well as a symbol of excellence for the entire Clemson community.

Gordon’s design for “All In” is an abstract, deconstructed football that will readily bring the sport to mind for those who are fans, while also engaging the uninitiated with an elegant and aspirational form. Inspired by the prolate form of the American football and enlarged to heroic proportions, “All In” is monumental yet balanced delicately on its axis, transparent yet replete with intriguing and complex views from every vantage point.

Visible from a distance and from across the river, “All In” is twenty-five feet tall and fabricated with gleaming, reflective and polished materials. Lighting integrated into the base, at the center of the sculpture, illuminates the structure at night.

Whether perceived as a literal football or as a monumental work of abstract art, “All In” will spark a myriad of responses from the viewer, activate the entrance to the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex and become a memorable and engaging installation on Clemson University’s campus.

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