Words We Live By

Salt Lake County Downtown District Attorney’s Office | Salt Lake City, UT | Glass | 33’H x 48’W | 2017


Words We Live By creates a strong visual identity for the new Salt Lake County Downtown District Attorney’s Office Building and conveys the District Attorney’s progressive, collaborative and community-oriented approach. Gordon worked closely with all stakeholders to arrive at a final design that embodies the DA’s mission and goals while creating a beautiful, elegant and distinctive façade for the building. Transparency, Public Service, Truth, Trust and Equality for All are some of the words and phrases incorporated into the artwork.

Gordon used the building’s glass façade as a “canvas,” integrating the artwork directly into the various glass elements already selected by the architectural team. Color choices in Words We Live pay homage to the Great Salt Lake and reinforce the artwork’s tie to the community and place. Visible from both the exterior and interior of the building, Gordon’s installation considers the function of the building’s interior spaces, creating a beautiful pattern of light and color throughout office workspaces. Gordon was selected through an open public art call, competing with three other artists in the finalist round. The project architect for the building is the local firm MHTN Architects.