Blossom – University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center – Proposed Project

Blossom – University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center - Proposed Project | Kingston, RI | Laser-Cut Powder-Coated Metal Panels, Dichroic Glass | 14–15'H x 18'W


Blossom takes its name from the form of the work and the metaphor of the blossoming of the creative spirit of artists. The design is meant to provide a respite from the stresses of academic pursuits and a transitional space that will bring students out of their classrooms and studios to the campus beyond. The artwork creates a space for casual gatherings and collaborative study. In addition, the design was inspired by the ‘theater in the round,’ evoking theaters of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and a contemporary theater arrangement where the audience can be fully engaged with the performance.

Blossom is a gentle response to the strong architectural forms of the center while its materials of glass and cut steel provide an introduction to the light filled foyer of the new construction. Blossom is also inspired by organic and natural forms.

With its eight soaring ‘petals’ grouped to form a circle, the reference to a floral form is clear. The resulting internal space is both sheltered and accessible. The selected materials for Blossom respond to both natural and artificial light sources, so that it remains an activated space throughout the day and night. Four of the petals will have panels of dichroic glass and four will be fabricated with laser-cut metal panels.

Dichroic glass is a multi-colored glass that has reflective properties, creating a kaleidoscope reflection of colors when it is hit with light and viewed from different angles. Laser-cut metal has infinite possibilities. Patterns and shapes, whether representational or abstract, can communicate stories, symbols and themes associated with the Fine Art Center. These patterns will create a symphony of shadow, constantly transforming under qualities of seasonal light and times of day.

The Sculpture

The artwork has an inherent vibrancy and relevance to the arts and academic pursuits. Blossom is meant to draw the community to meet friends and study or simply enjoy the light and shadows that will fill across the space. The installation can be viewed and enjoyed from both a distance and from within the Fine Arts Center and Blossom’s proximity to the path connecting the back parking lot to the rest of the campus means the installation will be enjoyed and experienced by a significant portion of the community.