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The Falls

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Organic Glass Rods, Pyrex Rods, Dichroic Glass Fins | 65’H x 12’W x 2’6”D | 2020


In the escalator well of the new terminal, just beyond the building’s glass façade is Gordon’s 65-foot-tall installation titled, The Falls. Similar to The Canyon, this installation is inspired by Utah’s natural beauty and resembles the waterfalls dispersed among the state’s canyon landscape. Cascading roughly six stories from the terminal ceiling to the floor, the suspended sculpture makes use of the natural light this location receives by partnering colorful, light-sensitive dichroic glass panels with light refracting glass rods to create an astonishing array of ever-changing colors and patterns on adjacent surfaces.

Stainless steel cables carry the roughly 300 dichroic glass panels and 220 glass rods, hand-blown by Alexander Sarkis Abajian of Glow Glass Studio in Oakland, CA. The entire sculpture weighs a staggering 5,000 lbs. and is now on display at the entrance to the new main terminal.