Sunnyvale, CA | Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass | 16’H x 6’W | 2021


Commissioned by the Jay Paul Company real estate firm for a new office building at 465 North Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA, Gordon’s Spectorium installation creates an interesting visual dynamic at the entrance to the new facility with it’s sharp, angular lines that play off the building’s modern architecture.

Constructed of stainless steel poles with 25 rectangular dichroic glass panels, each carefully fastened with bespoke engineered fittings, Spectorium stands approximately 16 ft tall and 6 ft wide. Welcoming staff and visitors to the site, this installation has a distinctly optimistic and uplifting presence that provides a stimulating environment for employees.

Light and its manipulation are at the core of this work, with the bright colors of the dichroic glass, infinitely enhanced by the California sunshine, shifting dynamically throughout the day. This creates an ever-changing setting reflective of growth and forward thinking that is appropriate for the site and the surrounding Bay Area, a region known worldwide for it’s innovation and creativity.