Sommerfield Residence

Private Residence, Atherton, CA, USA 2009 | Dichroic Glass & Stainless Steel 40'W x 4'H (Wall Installation), Private Commission, Ashford Associates | Architect, Adrián Gregorutti | Photography


Huether’s commissioned fine art tells a very specific story. For an installation at this private residence in Atherton, Huether studied the client’s art collection, the home’s vibrant and bold color palette and distinctive contemporary style. Huether chose a blank central wall in this open plan home as a canvas for his large-scale glass and light installation.

Huether arranged dichroic glass panels in a rectilinear pattern, each panel appearing to float three to four inches from the wall’s surface and evoking a striking interplay of light, shadow and color. The artwork is dynamic and ever changing as ambient light shifts throughout the home during the day and at night, when artificial light interacts with it.