Sletten Cancer Institute

Great Falls, Montana, USA | Glass | Various Dimensions | 2006


The Sletten Cancer Institute was uniquely designed to care for the mind, body and spirit of cancer patients and their family and friends. The design of the institute incorporated input from cancer patients and survivors, as well as doctors, nurses, hospital staff and members of the community. Part of that input was a desire to have a quiet place of meditation within the facility. Gordon Huether found his inspiration for these individual glass paintings suspended in light on a trip to Japan where he witnessed devotees of Shinto Buddhism hanging their prayers and wishes inscribed on paper onto strings in the shrine area.

Each prayer icon was created in fused glass and laminated to the clear substrate – one panel measures 72” H x 24″ W the second one measures 120″ H x 48″ W. The strings that hold the icons together are sculpted lead and the parchment color of the background is created with airbrushed and fired enamel. The natural stone and wood framing echo the Japanese theme of the artwork.