Silver Lantern

625/655 North Mathilda | Sunnyvale, CA | Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass | 17.4'H x 5'W | 2021


Gordon’s Silver Lantern sculpture is located at the real estate developer, Jay Paul Company’s, new corporate campus at 625/655 North Mathilda in Sunnyvale, CA. Inspired by the “spark of innovation” of the surrounding tech and startup companies within the San Francisco Bay Area, Gordon’s creative process for this installation began by cutting paper into blade shapes and arranging them into a lantern form in reference to this “spark”. The completed installation, made of stainless steel and dichroic glass, stands 17.4′ tall by 5′ wide.


The soft and gentle organic lines of Silver Lantern offer a nice contrast to the sharp geometry of the architecture that surrounds it. The blades are made of stainless steel with dichroic glass insets within each blade that interact with the sunlight during the day to cast colorful light projections and patterns on adjacent surfaces.

Gordon states, “I wanted to create something beautiful and elegant that would enhance the tenant experience of being on that property.” A concept that is in line with Jay Paul Company’s mission of creating campuses “designed to foster collaboration and support well-being.”