Miramar Village, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada | Stainless Steel, Locally Sourced Cedar Blocks | 14’ W x 14’ H x 8’ D | 2013


Rostrum, an amphitheater-like installation made of stainless steel and native cedar timbers, takes its aesthetic cue from the landscape and architectural design of the site, a former lumber camp turned residential development in White Rock, BC. It blurs the line between art and architecture, serving as a natural shelter and gathering place, as well as an art installation. 50 inset LED lights are embedded into the curved stainless steel pipes, creating an ethereal luminosity at night.

Fabricating and installing this five-ton sculpture required intensive collaboration between the artist and structural and civil engineers, the project development team and the landscape architect. In addition, a team with expertise in international transportation and heavy hauling were consulted to facilitate the successful installation.

Rostrum’s graceful curves and evocative materials add complexity and beauty to an otherwise empty void within Miramar Village’s architectural plan. The design of the sculpture led to an extensive reevaluation of the landscape plan, creating spaces for residents to sit outside, enjoy fresh air and meet with one another.