Dublin Public Safety Complex | Dublin, CA | Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass | 17'2"H x 5’3"W x 3’D | 2020


Gordon’s Ribbon sculpture is located at the Dublin Public Safety Complex, which is home to both the Dublin Police Services and the Alameda County Fire Department’s Administrative Offices in Dublin, CA. As such, Ribbon was designed with both Police and Fire equally in mind. Embodying the symbol of the remembrance ribbon, a universally recognized symbol of respect for the contributions of first responders, Ribbon seeks to demonstrate the strength and dedication that our first responders bring to the community without hesitation. It is a symbol for their valor, leadership and bravery, and aims to communicate the importance of the relationship between members of the police and fire forces and the greater communities they serve.

The graceful curvature of this 17-foot tall sculpture, fabricated in part by Sebastian Willeke and inset with lively blue and red dichroic glass, creates a visual poetic dialogue between the landscape and the architecture of the Public Safety Complex, as well as a welcoming space for visitors and staff.  The materials used emphasize the purpose of the building: the blue and red dichroic glass act as a metaphor for Police and Fire, and the line that separates order from lawlessness; the gleaming stainless steel as a signal of strength and a beacon of light throughout the day and evening.

Viewers who pass by on foot or bike are encouraged to interact with the dynamic shape and colors of this abstracted ribbon that celebrates the synergy of the two organizations housed by the Dublin Public Safety Complex to offer the best combined public safety efforts. The words “Commitment, Honor, Integrity and Trust” complete the sculpture by reminding the public of the mission and values of both Fire and Police Departments.

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