Remaining Awake

Proposal for: Remaining Awake – Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial - Cincinnati, OH | xx' x xx' x xx' | Materials go here


In January 2022, Gordon Huether + Partners, Inc. were short-listed as finalists for the City of Cincinnati’s project, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Our Memorial proposal has several components:

The first component is a significantly sized sculptural bust of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The bust is placed prominently at the intersection of MLK Drive and Reading Road and is surrounded by a circular plinth inscribed with Dr. King’s full name. The bust’s dimensions are approximately 24’H x 24’W.

A circular plinth encircling the bust of Dr. King will showcase Dr. King’s full name. The plinth will provide seating and the area at the base of the bust will contain landscaping and lighting.

The next component is a poured cement sculptural wall with a curvature inspired by the infinity symbol. The wall is approximately 200 feet in length with a height ranging from 3 to 10 feet. This curving infinity wall defines the two spaces within our installation, a quieter garden facing side for reflection and study, and a street facing side for public engagement.

STREET FACING On the street-facing side of the infinity wall, we will artistically display the key words articulated at the community engagement sessions when participants were asked to reflect on the meaning and legacy of Dr. King.

GARDEN FACING This wall provides a canvas to display a ‘living’ archive of history, where reflections and responses to Dr. King and his work will be explored and preserved. In addition to images and texts, QR codes will be integrated on the wall. The QR codes will provide links to audio recordings of conversations and interviews conducted by Marlon during community engagement sessions.

AUDIO JOURNEY In addition to the images and writings integrated onto the garden facing wall, we also integrate QR codes containing links to audio recordings made during Marlon Hall’s advanced community engagement work. Recordings may include conversations and interviews conducted by Marlon and snippets of Dr. King’s Cincinnati speech, perhaps spoken by the people and voices of residents of Cincinnati. Recordings may also include discussions of Dr. King’s legacy, as recalled by older members of the community and discovered by younger generations. The recordings will bring to life the words and work of Dr. King in a way that truly resonates with visitors to the memorial.

AWAKENING GARDEN The next component is a green space nestled within the curvature of the infinity wall and accessible by an ADA compatible pathway. This area is called the Awakening Garden and provides a gathering space for community meetings, educational sessions, performances, etc. The wall decreases traffic noise and will allow visitors to observe and commemorate Dr. King in a quiet and protected area.