Redwoods | Sunnyvale, CA | 300 Powder-Coated, Laser-Cut Aluminum Panels | 8,400 square-feet | 2021


Working with Carol A. Dabb Inc., Art Consultants, Lane-Partners, a commercial real estate company based in Menlo Park, CA, commissioned Gordon Huether to create a substantial art screen for one of their newest projects in Sunnyvale, CA. A recently completed 230,000 square-foot office building + parking structure built by Lane-Partners at 520 Almanor Ave provides a comfortable and modern space for employees in the Silicon Valley to commute to and work from. Huether’s art screen was designed and fabricated for the parking structure and provides visual interest while also allowing for air flow.

Made up of 300 laser-cut aluminum panels, the art screen clads the parking structure in a repetitive Redwood Tree pattern, referencing the local landscape and the coastal redwood tree indigenous to the area. 8,400 square feet of material was used and powder-coated in white paint to complete the effect. The laser cut areas of the panels serve dual purpose by providing ventilation for vehicular traffic within the parking structure while also creating interesting light patterns projected onto adjacent surfaces from percolating sunlight throughout the day.