Payne-Chiu Residence

Private Residence, Los Altos Hills, CA USA 2017 | Foyer Installation Eight Trees, Ranging in Height from 9' — 18', Aluminum, Dichroic Acrylic, LED Lighting


For their architecturally sophisticated and modernist home, private clients asked Gordon to create a unique interior installation that responded to the home’s clean lines and wooded setting. The clients also requested that the installation convey their affinity for Japanese avant-garde art. Working closely with the clients, Huether developed a concept for a bewitching stylized ‘forest’ that emerges from beneath the home’s central interior space.

Each of the eight ‘trees’ is illuminated from within, casting a myriad of colors throughout the space. Colored light glows through the dichroic acrylic apertures that are cut into the trees’ surfaces and bounces off adjacent surfaces. The result is an exceptional and engaging interior installation that expresses the client’s unique sensibilities and the artist’s gift for collaboration.