Over The Moon

CityLine | Richardson, TX | Aluminum Tubing, Plexiglas, Composite Materials | 25’H x 25’W x 5’D | 2017

Over the Moon was created for CityLine, a $1.5 billion mixed-use residential development in suburban Dallas. Huether’s concept honors Texas’ rural ranching heritage in the context of the region’s changing urban landscape. The iconic Texas longhorn, jauntily sitting atop the moon is a familiar and welcome symbol of Texas, and the moon’s curved profile resembles the letter “C” as in CityLine. In developing the concept for Over the Moon, Huether wanted to emphasize the local identity and history of Richardson, TX in a unique and inventive way. By incorporating playful elements like the steer and the moon, the sculpture embodies the true feel of CityLine, a work-live-play environment where active families and busy professionals gather and enjoy its plentiful amenities.

GHS used an innovative approach in fabricating Over the Moon. The Longhorn was digitally rendered, fabricated with CNC carved composite materials, treated with airbrushed paint detailing and then finished with layers of durable clear coat. The moon has an internal frame built with aluminum tubing that was then clad with high-density, hard-coated Styrofoam, patterned to mimic the moon’s surface. At night, Over the Moon is illuminated with color-rotating LED lighting.

See a full eclipse occurring “Over the Moon:”