OSU | Corvallis | Basketball Practice Facility

Corvallis, Oregon, USA | Recycled Materials, Metal | 154 Basketball Hoops | Powder Coating | 4’1”W x 40’H x 4’1”D | 2014


Gordon Huether was commissioned to create artwork for the vestibule of the Basketball Practice Facility at Oregon State University, which is home to the OSU Beavers. Hoops was created by arranging 154 basketball hoops in a spiral shape, to convey the kinetic energy of a basketball in motion and the athleticism of the player. The progressive approach and surprisingly simple implementation of Huether’s concept, is beckoning visitors to explore this facility. The conspicuous suspended installation simultaneously functions as a way-finding element, directing visitors to the building’s entrance and communicating its purpose.

Hoops is about the color orange (the dominant color of a basketball, as well as that of OSU), the contextual proportions to the space of the tower, and it is an artistic expression saying: “this is who we are, this is what we do!” The vestibule is illuminated at night, resulting in a dramatic effect that becomes a beacon on OSU campus – viewed from the interior or exterior, during daytime or evening, Hoops provides for an incredible visual experience.