On the Move 1 & 2

Aurora, Colorado, USA | 2016


On the Move 1 and 2 were commissioned by the City of Aurora, Colorado and Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) for Aurora’s Iliff RTD Station, part of RTD’s newly expanded transit system. Gordon was one of nine artists commissioned to create public art for the ‘R’ rail line.

The artist used recurring components, such as aluminum planks of varying heights and kinetic elements, to create a visual and thematic connection between both sculptures. Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains provided the inspiration for this two-part installation. Gordon looked to the mountains, not as a motionless phenomenon, but as a constantly “shape shifting” presence in the lives of Aurora citizens.

The sun setting at dusk or shining at noon, snow accumulating on the mountain ridge or storm clouds gathering on the horizon, all of these occurrences have a profound impact on the appearance of the mountains. Huether’s goal was to invoke this phenomenon by creating sculptures that also transform in response to natural elements, like sunlight, wind and weather.

With the installation of On the Move 1 and 2 at Iliff Station, the daily commuter’s experience is infinitely enhanced. Joyous color, soaring height and subtle motion are injected into the station’s environment, transforming a mundane commute into an engaging experience.

Press Article From 12/14/2017

On the Move 1

Anodized Aluminum, Aluminum, LED Lighting | 20′ – 32′ H x 6′ W

On the Move 1 is a monumental sculpture created for the station platform and was fabricated with eight pairs of aluminum planks, ranging in height from 20 to 32 feet with a footprint of approximately 10 square feet. The paired aluminum planks are set at a slight diagonal to each other, creating wedge-like spaces between them.

These spaces are filled with a mesh screen hung with hundreds of anodized aluminum disks that wave in response to even the lightest of breezes and cast shimmering patterns and shadows of light in response to varying angles of the sun. The discs also emit a slight, pleasant high-pitched tune, engaging the auditory senses of passersby.

On the Move 2

Aluminum, Dichroic Glass, LED Lighting | 12′ H x 6′ W

On the Move 2, a partner to the first installation, is sited at the entrance to Iliff Station’s parking garage. With a height of 12 feet, On the Move 2 features five dichroic glass discs, suspended between five pairs of aluminum planks. The discs are attached to the aluminum with hinges, enabling them to move gently back and forth in response to the wind.

Dichroic glass has special properties: light transmitted through a dichroic surface will appear as one color, and light reflected from it will appear as a complementary color. As the angle at which the dichroic is viewed changes, the color that is transmitted and reflected also changes. The result is a constantly transforming installation.