The Map – Proposed Project

The Map | Commerce City, Colorado | 6’2” x 10’2 ½ “, 4’2” X 10’2 ½ “ | ⅛” Cut powder-coated metal panels | 2021


In 2021, Gordon was selected as a finalist for the Adams County Public Works & Fleet Art public art opportunity in Commerce City, Colorado. The artwork is inspired by the community’s plans for a sustainable future and the creation of a community-focused environment.

The site of this installation, Adams County, CO was founded in 1902 and its transformation from an agrarian to industrial economy was rapid. Gordon was commissioned by the county’s Project Works and Fleet Public Works Departments and found inspiration in the rise of the transportation industry in the region and the development of the road, railway and canal systems and its concurrent dependency on coal, iron and steel. Gordon researched and studied the historic and contemporary maps of the County, and the transition from farmland to urban streets. This in turn led to his design, which begins with the city’s grid of streets he and then morphs into an abstracted pattern that is a nod to the earlier agricultural history of the region. The lines and intersections of the work also call to mind a root system that a healthy environmentally focused community relies on.