Maitland Clouds

Proposal for Maitland, FL | Stainless Steel, Mirror-Finished Paint, Carbon Fiber Composite | 15’H x 25’W x 8’D | 2019


In 2019, Gordon was a finalist for a public art opportunity in Maitland, FL, a small city located north of Orlando. Funding for this beautification project came from the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Committee who requested work that was inspired by nature, improved the experience of the site, and told the story of Maitland.

Orange Cloud is inspired by three elements often associated with Florida: the shimmering Atlantic Ocean at sunset, the plentiful orange groves of Orlando County where Maitland is located, and the towering pencil thin legs of flamingos. The work is fabricated with approximately 48 orange mirror-finished spheres and three stainless steel ‘flamingo legs’ that subtly support the cluster of spheres.

The proposed dimension of Orange Cloud is 15’H x 25’W x 8’D, a significantly sized installation that can be enjoyed by both pedestrians and viewers in cars traveling on I-4. Its height is accentuated at night by three LED lights pointed upward, illuminating the orange mirror finish, and creating a dazzling effect reminiscent of the setting sun. During the day, viewers can engage with this straightforward yet comical installation, walking under the cluster of spheres and enjoying their own distorted reflections in its mirror finish.