Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church

Lafayette, California, USA | Glass, Metal | 17’ H x 5’ 2” W | 2009


New construction offered church members an opportunity to express the spiritual values underlying their decision to build a new Ministry Center. The congregation asked what would be an artistic way to show that their faith community is actively engaged in both internal spirituality and external action? Gordon Huether showed them how, through a combination of abstract fused glass and biblical texts used as an integral part of the Ministry Center entrance doors. Huether was given a selection of scripture passages expressing the congregation’s core values.

He developed a conceptual design which combines a circular abstract fused glass centered above the double entry doors, with scripture texts etched on stained glass in a vertical rectangle panel over 15 feet high. The script is hand-written to indicate informality and accessibility and was etched on two sides of the double panel glass to give a three dimensional effect. Both left and right sides are clear glass to enhance natural lighting and to show a lighted interior where active mission planning is taking place