Kansas City South Patrol Station

South Patrol Police Station | Kansas City, MO | Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass | 12' H x 7.5' W | 2011


The form of this abstract sculpture was inspired by the geographical outline of the area that is served by the South Patrol Station.

The boundary of the patrol area was rendered into two layers of plasma-cut steel, one gold, the other blue. The red dichroic glass squares within the sculpture denote the different police stations in that area, with the colors carrying significance as blue, gold and red come from traditional colors associated with law enforcement.

The six meters of layered limestone beneath Kansas City provided additional inspiration. The stacked glass grounding the sculpture is a metaphor for the limestone lying just below the surface of the station.

These elements help create a bold, straightforward, honest, dignified and orderly composition; words that describe what the Kansas City Police Department is all about.