Fort Worth Investment Offices

Investment Firm Offices | Fort Worth, TX | Art Glass Panels | 13 panels: 2'W x 9'H | 2019


This art glass wall installation was designed with a dual purpose in mind: to beautify an otherwise ordinary corporate office corridor in Fort Worth, Texas, while also functioning to conceal a room of computer servers.

Throughout the design process, Gordon worked closely with the client and project architects, Studio Schicketanz, on a design that would deliver an “explosion of color”, as requested by the client. This collaboration led to 13 panels of hand-applied, acid-etched glass layered with 3 hues of grey glass frits, dichroic glass “jewels” in blue/gold and magenta tones, and white opalescent fused glass in abstract circular shapes.

The fabrication phase of this project offered an opportunity for Gordon and his daughter, Erika, to collaborate on the different elements of glass working. Erika was instrumental in tracing the templates of the design onto each sheet of glass, cutting them, and fitting the pieces together to complete the final design. She managed all of the glass procurement, helped define the work flow, and supervised the overall quality control. Once the individual shapes of glass were cut, Erika fused them in the studio kilns and delivered them for final adjustments and lamination.

Once installed, LED lights were incorporated to project an array of colors onto the glass panels – completing the “explosion of color” effect and truly making this installation unique.