215 Fremont Street

Former Charles Schwab Building

San Francisco, California USA | Glass | 12 panels @ 3’ H x 4’ W | 2001


This installation at the former Charles Schwab Building at 215 Fremont Street is widely visible to the daily parade of commuters making their way into town from the Oakland Bay Bridge.

The artwork depicts images of what Huether refers to as “the beauty found in ordinary, everyday things”. Each panel is an interpretation of a photo from a series created by Huether of found images from the urban environment, such as cracks in sidewalks, peeled paint, and rusted metal.

The photos were digitally manipulated and artisans at Gordon Huether Studio used sandblasting, layering of glass colors, kiln fusing, and other techniques to transform the them into three dimensions, and in the process create unique new stand-alone works of art-glass.

Unveiled in July 2001, the artwork is comprised of 12 panels of specially designed glass, each four feet long and three feet high, suspended in a 50-ft long steel-frame railing across the front entrance of the building.