Private Residence, St. Helena, CA, USA 2014 | Dichroic Glass, Madrone Branches 1st installation 5’W x 8’H x 10”D, 2nd installation 4’W x 8’H x 10”D


Huether’s work often has a moody, introspective side to it. In this commissioned wall installation for a private residence the mood is gentler, thoughtful, reflecting a reverence for nature and a kind of surrender to powers which are far greater than our own acts of will. Slender Madrone branches reach and intertwine, their tangled layers partially obscured by the reflections of the dichroic glass placed behind them.

We may recall seasons such as summer or fall, and the bittersweet inception of an annual transformation. The pieces suggest renewal, stillness, and serenity as elicited through meditational practices or simply an extended afternoon hike in a favorite forest or park.