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You Are Here

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Translucent glass, stained glass, hand-blown glass, hand-pressured dome Jewels | 13'2"H x 38'11"W | 2020


Gordon Huether Studio was responsible for the de-assembly, redesign and reconstruction of new elements for Jenkyn Powell’s original 1970s stained glass art installation, You Are Here, previously installed at the original Salt Lake City International Airport and now featured in its new home at the expanded main terminal as part of the Airport Redevelopment Program. Glass artist Jenkyn Powell visited our Studio in September 2017 to discuss proposed additions to the original piece, restoration and fabrication details, and a reinstallation plan into the new airport space. The relocation of You Are Here is an integral part of Gordon’s curatorial master plan for the Salt Lake City Department of Airport’s fine art collection.

It was important to the Salt Lake City Airport team to preserve and transfer this glass art installation to the new terminal, as it has become a very iconic piece of the airport art collection. The piece is an abstract interpretation of a cellular map of molecular biological processes.

When creating his original design for You Are Here artist Powell was inspired by – among others – the work of world-renown contemporary stained glass artist, Professor Johannes Schreiter. Fortuitously, Gordon studied with Professor Schreiter in the 1980s, and the Professor played an integral role in the evolution and refinement of Gordon’s sense of composition, understanding of glass working techniques and the maturation of his designs as he began to work on a larger scale.

The studio’s design team finalized designs of the refreshed You Are Here art piece, cleaned each panel, and reinstalled this work in September 2020. Gordon and the studio team were honored to collaborate with Mr. Powell on the preservation of his important glass art installation.

World Map

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Interlayer print using two layers of 1/2" low iron heat strengthened glass | 10’H x 10'W | 2020


World Map, a landmark floor installation in the existing Salt Lake City International Airport, has long served as a gathering spot for families awaiting loved ones, particularly young adults, returning from year-long Mormon missions.

As Consulting Artist for the airport, Gordon was engaged by the SLC team to create a new rendition of this artwork that would be installed in the new main terminal as a glass installation rather than a floor tile. The glass work is now installed and on display in the greeting area of the new main terminal.

Art Curation

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT


After carefully reviewing almost 600 pieces of artwork in the Salt Lake City International Airport’s collection and evaluating them in terms of their physical condition and artistic merit, Gordon Huether Studio, in collaboration with airport staff, identified approximately 135 artworks in the current collection that would be reinstalled as part of the Airport Redevelopment Program.

As Consulting Artist for the airport, Gordon worked with HOK Architects and airport staff to map where each of the 135 pieces would be displayed within the new airport terminal. Among the 135 artworks on display are the much beloved ‘Flying Machine’ sculptures, six suspended works by Utah artist Dennis Smith. Because of their fragility, Smith carefully restored the sculptures before they were reinstalled.

Gordon Huether Studio’s curatorial work was the final step in an effort to create an all-encompassing archive of the entire airport collection of almost 600 pieces. With the help of existing appraisal documents from 2010 and an overview of the existing collection provided by airport staff, Gordon Huether Studio helped to create an updated, comprehensive inventory.

The airport has now cataloged the work digitally in an airport database for archival purposes. Some works from the collection, due to damage and poor condition, have been restored and entrusted to other civic institutions or other appropriate settings. This archive will be a great resource for the airport and the community in the years ahead.

Whimsy Walls

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Digital prints on Dreamscape Smooth Wallcovering | 24 Walls: 9'H x 16'8"W - 38'6"W (varying widths) | 2020


In collaboration with the Utah Arts Council, Gordon Huether Studio completed a national request for proposals process in order to select artists for the 24 Whimsy Walls art installations within the new main terminal at the Salt Lake City International Airport. All 2-dimensional art styles are represented in these large-scale art wall installations, including but not limited to, abstract, figurative, representational, graphic, conceptual, collage, landscape, print, photography, etc. Each restroom features unique and original artwork intended to create an immersive and engaging experiences for travelers.

Gordon Huether Studio in partnership with Rainier Industries transcribed each of the artist’s work into printed, high quality and durable vinyl wall coverings in order to install these artworks on various restroom walls throughout the new airport. These Whimsy Wall art pieces are now on display in The New SLC.

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