Caesars Republic Scottsdale Arizona

Caesars Republic | Scottsdale, AZ | Stainless Steel; LED Lighting | 12’ Height x 12' Wide; Sphere: 5' | 2023


Location renders @HCW 2023

The sculpture, Circle of Life, is fabricated with stainless steel. It showcases a dynamically lit sphere glowing from LED lights within that can rotate through a variety of colors, or be set for specific colors representing the season or an event.

Circle of Life

Circle of Life is a piece of public art intended to represent timelessness, self-realization, relationship, and unity. Believing that public artwork should be designed to stand the test of time, the large circle is made of stainless-steel showing strength and longevity. Anyone who has embarked on personal growth or experienced a spiritual awakening, understands that life does not occur in a linear fashion, but rather a natural, evolving revolution, as represented in Circle of Life. We learn the same lessons over and over, each time gaining a deeper understanding and meaning.

The difference in thickness of the overall circle was designed to express loyalty and survival as represented in the expression of standing by someone or something through “thick and thin.”

At the heart of the artwork is a dynamic color changing sphere that juxtaposes the stability demonstrated in stainless steel, with the fluidity of every day life. The sphere symbolizes completeness, unity, equality, and acceptance. No point of the sphere is nearer or farther from the center than any other point on the sphere. These same qualities are further symbolized in the circular seating around the artwork, welcoming everyone to enjoy and be inspired by Circle of Life.