Big Love

San Mateo County Animal Shelter | San Mateo, CA | Painted Composite Materials | 6’H x 8’L | 2021


The County of San Mateo commissioned Gordon Huether to design, fabricate, and install an art installation that would greet visitors and employees of the new San Mateo County Animal Shelter. Gordon’s installation, titled Big Love, features a 6-foot-high x 8-foot-long dog and heart sculpture made of painted composite materials.

Inspired by the compassion of the individuals who adopt lost and homeless animals, as well as by the love and joy a rescued pet brings to their new household, Gordon’s literal representation of a “big heart” adds a layer of humanity and whimsy to the shelter’s environment.  Big Love welcomes guests immediately by putting a smile on their faces while reinforcing the identity, purpose, and values of the San Mateo County Animal Shelter.