Art Glass Partition, Windows, Landscape

Carmel By The Sea, CA, USA | Glass | 55”W x 81”H | 2009


Glass art elements inspired by the movement of water are incorporated into this private residence in Northern California. Sand patterns are an omnipresent theme throughout this installation, beautifully intertwined with the existing landscape of this home’s yard. The 35-foot-long glass wall has been delicately etched instead of carved, with a beautiful fading effect. It was then lit with a programmable system of colored LED lights.

The dining room screen, inspired by sea foam, cascades down from a light well, separating the foyer from the dining area. Two thick slabs of glass were carved with an intricate elaborate, foam pattern. The center piece of dichroic glass that shifts from red to ice blue, depending on the angle of viewing, appears to be suspended between the two carved pieces.