Art Glass Door, Glass Painting

Rutherford, CA, USA | Glass, Lighting, Metal | Various Dimensions | 2001


This private residence in Rutherford, CA makes the senses hum. The first thing you notice is the art: contemporary paintings and sculpture – from Jackson Pollock to Frank Stella to Roy Lichtenstein, as well as pieces by emerging artists from around the world and Buddhas calming the corners. Huether’s artwork for the entryway to this Rutherford home announces that you have arrived at a special place. Bold bands of red and blue art glass mounted on the double doors are accented with gestural yellow forms and a hand-drawn arch unites both panels.

German antique glass and laminated amber glass cullet were used to transcribe the original collage. A hand sculpted lead accent floats above the intense color.

Above the fireplace, Huether installed a glass painting that glows from within, its luminescence suggesting the serene glow expressed by masters of light such as Vermeer, or, in a more contemporary vein, Richard Diebenkorn. This piece was commissioned as a light box application. The glass is illuminated with fluorescent lighting. Antique glass, painting, fusing, and hand-sculpted lead are used in this composition.